C Index of our Work

On the heels of our Open Letter calling for the restriction of generative-image AI technologies from newsrooms and across publishing we have produced a two-part limited podcast series presented by the artist Molly Crabapple. The series focuses on how AI is already impacting the world of work and considers its further impact on society, providing listeners with perspectives on the destabilization these technologies will have. 

Alongside artist Molly Crabapple we penned an open letter calling for editors, newsrooms and art directors to restrict the use of AI image generators across publishing. 

We supported a groundbreaking multi-story investigation into welfare surveillance and algorithmic bias in the Netherlands. We connected a Lighthouse Reports investigation in collaboration with WIRED and several other publications in the Netherlands to the artist Sam Lavigne.

A semester long cross-course collaborative unit for students from five different MA courses at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. This project is a collaboration with Supra Systems Studio, Investigate Europe and the Centre for Investigative Journalism to help students produce their own investigative artworks. 

A visual timeline that tracks the destruction of Russia’s independent media under Putin. This work, made by the artist Alina Spatz, was developed during the RISD course “Artists Report” in Spring 2022 and the first work to be supported by the Center for Artistic Inquiry and Reporting.

With the team at Eyebeam, Marisa helped devise and launch the Center for the Future of Journalism (ECFJ), a program that supports artists publishing works in major news outlets.

Creative Time Reports was an ambitious publishing division of the non-profit public art organization Creative Time. Marisa was founding editor of the five-year-long program, which published artists’ voices on current events, often in partnership with news organizations like The Guardian, The Intercept, Foreign Policy and many more.

Artists on the News is an experimental new course designed by Marisa and Jake to teach artists, designers and new media students the tools and tactics of an investigative artistic practice.

Jake created the Artistic Investigations Database as an attempt to start mapping out the people, projects and institutions at the forefront of creative and experimental investigations that combine practices, tools and methods from across journalism and the arts.
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