The Center for Artistic Inquiry and Reporting’s vision is to deepen and expand support for artists reimagining investigative journalism.

The Center for Artistic Inquiry and Reporting (CAIR) is a first-of-its-kind initiative that generates meaningful collaboration between journalists and artists in order to ensure powerful public interest stories have more impact and greater emotional resonance.


Artists find connections that exist beyond traditional binaries, embracing the contradictions and complexities of the world around us.


As the news faces a decline in trust and influence, we see art as a chance to reinvigorate rigorous journalism and engage with readers in imaginative ways. Art explores abstract truths, and when art is partnered with the news, the impact of a story on readers is closer to the way they experience the world itself.

Our work


We teach art students seeking to produce work that reaches out from beyond museums and galleries the tools and tactics of an investigative practice, as well as help to familiarize themselves with the language and codes of the journalism field.


As journalism continues its radical metamorphosis, we connect legacy and digital newsrooms to artists with distinctive viewpoints on world events and urgent social issues to help foster the creation of more imaginative storytelling.

Artists with confirmed collaborations with news organizations can also apply for production support for their work. In addition to fiscal resources, they will also receive guidance on process and deliverables from the CAIR team. 


Museums are on the forefront of environmental, political and social justice issues and yet outside of their in-person attendance, most of their ideas stay within the milieu of the art-going population. We work with major art, cultural and non-profit institutions to incorporate their programming into mainstream news to reach as wide an audience as possible.

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The Center for Artistic Inquiry and Reporting is fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). 

NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship is a program that enables emerging art organizations to access funding through charitable donations and grants using NYFA’s 501c3 status. NYFA was established in 1971. It serves individual artists and the arts community throughout the United States and internationally.

CAIR’s success is made possible by the generous support of our donors. Gifts of any size can directly help artists fast-track their collaborations to create powerful public interest stories. 

Donate today to ensure artists are given the critical resources they need to reimagine investigative journalism.

NYFA has made online giving easy and tax deductible. 

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