As an initiative deeply committed to being responsive to an ever-fluctuating news cycle, applications for production support will be accepted on a rolling basis.

In addition to longform investigative collaborations, artists can receive support for the following kinds of pieces:

  • Photography
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Text-based

Our Support:

Production support will be allocated for a variety of works. Please be sure to annotate your application to specify which kind you are seeking:

Longform Investigative Collaborations: Four artists will receive $5000 each as well as ongoing production support.

This award is focused on supporting artists to produce their own investigative artworks for publication in online news outlets. The award can be used to support collaborations with reporters to produce works that support traditional written journalism, or the production of a multi-media investigation (film, audio, interactives etc) that you produce yourself. The award is medium agnostic, but you will be required to detail your story plan as well as the investigative techniques you intend to use to create your work.

Interactive Storytelling Support: Two artists will receive $3000 each as well as ongoing production support.

As the aesthetics and technical possibilities for the presentation of digital news stories evolve, what can artists do to help shape the future of storytelling in the media? This award aims to support artists and publications looking to push the boundaries of online news. We want to see how new tools and artistic methods can help to enhance the telling of socially engaged stories in existing contexts.

Artist Illustration Support: Two artists will receive $1000 each as well as ongoing production support.

How do you freeze an image? How do you make a record of a historical moment that matches its gravitas? With the ubiquity of images, how do you get an audience to slow down and actually look? As news organizations deploy more innovative storytelling techniques this award will support artists and publications that are making room for more material artistic observations of political events that speak to the human need to connect while also acting as a kind of critical cultural response.

Each Applicant Must Provide:

  • 300-word project description
  • Assignment letter from an editor
  • A reference contact or letter of support
  • Two samples of past work
  • Detailed budget of expenses (travel costs, per diem and research costs are acceptable)

Are You Eligible?

If you are an individual artist, part of a collective, or part of an artist-journalist team (this includes journalists on staff at a publication), then you can apply. For collectives, please have work samples that reflect a history of collaboration.

  • Domestic and international applicants are welcome.
  • Applicants must have an existing commission letter from an editor.
  • Applications must be in English.

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